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Assisted Stretching * Group Classes * Recovery Tools

Viva provides Active Assisted Stretching to maximize the performance of youth athletes as well as the entire community.


Are you new here?  
First assessment and stretch are only $19.95!


Basecamp Fitness

Enjoy structured exercise and accountability of unlimited group fitness classes 

Viva Stretch

Recover from your workouts with 4 assisted stretch sessions per month and unlimited mobility group classes!


Anytime Fitness

Get your work out in when it fits for you with 24/7 gym access

The perfect trio 

Include all three in your workout plan for only $325/month

Our Services

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Why choose us?

Benefits we provide


  • Increase mobility and speed

  • Increase flexibility and range of motion

  • Reduce risk of injury

  • Find your body’s full potential range of motion

  • Improve overall athletic performance

Our Community

Stretching our impact


Having recently come into my 50's, I made a decision to invest in my own wellness. Part of that investment is Viva Stretch. I tried another "stretch" service and found it to be a quickly diminshing benefit. The difference here is evident in the knowledge, attentiveness, and consistent, incremental progress. I find that stretching has improved my overall flexibility as well as occasional aches and stiffness that comes with aging. It is relaxing and has doubtlessly improved my workouts and recovery, likely preventing injury. The staff is professional and accommodating. As an added plus, they pretend my jokes are funny. Seriously, Viva Stretch has become an integral part of my self care routine.

-Phil Amorigianos

  Viva Stretch Client

Happy physical therapy patient

I feel great from stretching. This is my church.


  Retired U.S. Navy

Six months ago, I could barely lift my leg off the table - my hamstring and calf mobility was just that bad. After consistently working with Viva Stretch and performing at-home exercises, I was able to make incremental progress to the point that I can easily touch my toes today and can look forward to further mobility gains in the future. 


  Viva Stretch Client


I consistently went to Viva Stretch before my High School Dance Team tryouts. Thanks to Viva I was able to master my splits and I made the dance team!




Supplemental Recovery

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Whether you're a Weekend Warrior or Professional Athlete, our Muscle Cream contains a unique herbal formula designed to penetrate deeply for accelerated healing and relief of sore, strained muscles and joints. 

Two Convenient


Viva Stretch

12708 San Jose Blvd Suite 4, Jacksonville, FL 32223

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Spa Me

120 Gateway Cir, Unit 2, Saint Johns, FL 32259


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