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Stretching our Mission in Jacksonville

Our mission is to facilitate peak performance throughout life with improved agility, maximum mobility, and minimized injuries through active assisted stretching and group stretching classes.


Our Method

The path  to recovery and relaxation

Our progressive dynamic one-on-one stretching method takes you through your available range of motion, targeting specific muscle groups, and gently guiding your muscles to elongate through repetition and relaxation. Each movement is personalized for the needs of your body as your stretch therapist takes you through a series of movements designed to increase flexibility and improve range of motion while expanding myofascial pathways for greater oxygenation and greater circulation. These guided stretches are performed in multiple repetitions and only held for a few seconds. The repetitive motion increases awareness of individual muscle responses to improve alignment and restore balance resulting in less tension around your muscles, reducing discomfort, and increasing mobility that allows you to perform better, recover faster, and relax at your best.


Our Story

Built by athletes

Dr Jessica Moyer and Dr Monica Vieth Munoz are collegiate athletes who, throughout their lives,  have dedicated themselves to health, fitness, and athletics.  They are sisters who dreamed of going into business together by serving athletes and serving their community in the health and fitness industry. Identifying a trend of increased injuries due to specialization of youth sports and identifying an increased focus of adults to get fit in a variety of new activities, they noticed that not enough time is being spent on the recovery from these sports and activities. Recognizing this gap, these two sisters have created an opportunity to promote stretching and educate youth athletes and the entire community on the importance of flexibility in order to prevent injuries and improve quality of life into their later years. We break our bodies down, and we need to build them back!


Our Vision

Prevention & Longevity

Through our services, we plan to reduce the number of preventable soft tissue injuries in youth athletes allowing them to continue to play their sport at their highest potential. Improve longevity and quality of life for the entire community by staying mobile and feeling better. Interact with and educate the entire community on the importance of daily stretching and staying mobile.

Meet the team in your first consultation

Our Team

We are built by athletes and professionals here to stretch your potential in your life and on the field. We aim to enhance, rehabilitate, and restore those that need it.


Dr. Jessica Moyer

Dr. Jessica has her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Daemen College. Her nearly 20-year Physical Therapy career began at Excelsior Orthopedics rehabilitating post-op athletes and returning them to their sport. She later went on to grow the Jacksonville Region with CORA Physical Therapy, partnering with youth and professional athletic organizations and providing Physical Therapy/Sports Rehab services to the community.


Dr. Monica Vieth Munoz

Dr. Monica graduated in 2018 from The Pennsylvania College of Optometry located in Philadelphia, PA. Dr Monica currently practices optometry at MyEyeDr in St Johns, FL. She is very involved in the Optometric community and is a member of the National Association of Optometry, the American Optometric Association, the Florida Optometric Association and the Northeast Florida Optometric Society. Along with managing various eye diseases, Dr. Monica specializes in myopia management, dry eye management, and specialty contact lenses. 


Lainey Kekic

Lainey is originally from Ohio where she lived for 25 years before moving to Florida.  Lainey competed in volleyball, basketball, and ran track in high school. She went on to play volleyball and run track at Ohio Wesleyan University for 4 years while completing her Bachelors in Psychology and Political Science. 

Lainey is certified as a Stretch and Flexibility Coach through NASM and is thrilled to join Viva as a stretch practitioner. She is excited to grow with the Viva Stretch Team!

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