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Will I experience muscle soreness after assisted stretching?

If you have high levels of stiffness or muscle tightness, it is normal to experience some muscle soreness after your assisted stretching session because you are moving your body in directions that it is not used to moving in. Make sure to get good sleep and drink water, this will help to flush your system and recover quickly. Also make sure to continue stretching, this will help you combat soreness and continue to see results. 


How often do I need to stretch to see a difference in my flexibility?

You can attend your stretching sessions as much or as little as you would like to. There is no prescription for stretching but every day that you stretch will help you to become more flexible, recover faster, and prevent injuries and soreness.

Why do I need a Certified Stretch Practitioner to stretch me?

A Certified Stretch Practitioner is specifically trained in anatomy and assisted stretching methods where they are able to modify their stretches to your specific needs for maximum benefits. 


How do I know if individual stretching vs. group classes are right for me?

Both individual stretching and group classes have specific benefits. Individual assisted stretching will give your muscles a deep stretch that you are unable to achieve independently. Group classes are a fun way to be social, get a good stretch, and learn strategies for independent stretching too!


Is stretching before a workout bad for you?

It depends how you stretch. Our stretching methods promote circulation as you stretch,

which warms up your muscles and prepares them for exercise and activity. It is safe to do active stretching pre-workout and post-workout. Active stretching allows you to stretch safely and effectively, any time of the day.

I am currently receiving physical therapy following surgery. Is it okay to be stretched?

Assisted stretching is a complement to all services including massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture. One exception is post-op rehab which is focused on specific protocols. We recommend completing your post-op rehab and begin a stretch program after you are cleared by your MD. Otherwise, all of our assisted stretching can be modified toward your specific needs and are complementary to other services that you are receiving. 


I do not currently exercise. Is stretching okay for me?

Assisted stretching is beneficial to everyone and all stretches are performed within your available range of motion. A regular stretch program will help you to ease any aches, pains, and tension that you might have and help you to be more mobile in your daily activities. If you are contemplating starting an exercise program, stretching is a great way to prepare your body before you introduce it to new activities.


Do I need to warm up before being stretched?

You do not need to warm up prior to active assisted stretching. Active assisted stretching promotes increased circulation and muscle elongation which serves as a warm up itself due to its inclusion of repetitive motions and dynamic mobility.

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