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Why choose assisted stretching: Assisted stretching allows you to relax while we do the work. Whether you are an athlete, an active adult, or if an exercise routine just doesn’t fit in your day, stretching will help you to relieve tension, improve alignment, increase circulation, improve balance, and much more. Assisted stretching promotes a deep stretch to your muscles that stretching on your own just doesn’t get. We ask that you bring a clean pair of socks to all sessions and classes.

*All packages are valid for up to 3 months


Full Body Essential Stretch

Using Active Assisted Stretching we are able to target the essential muscles throughout your body in 20 minutes. Great for maintenance, relaxation, and those who are on the go!


20 minutes- $45

Package of 5- $195 ($39 each)

Package of 10- $345 ($35 each)


Introductory Stretch Package

This package is for those who want to get a jump start on their stretch routine. We begin with one-on-one assisted stretching five days a week to get your body and your mind used to consistently stretching. Then, we taper off to one-on-one assisted stretching 3 days a week and finally 2 days a week for the remainder of the month in order introduce a stretch routine that is easy to maintain. Independent stretching for home will be offered as part of the program so that you can independently work on stretching your target areas.


Introductory Stretch Package: $595

5x/week for the first week

3x/week for 3 weeks

2x/week for the next 2 months



Focused Area Stretch

Enjoy a full-body essential stretch plus an additional focus on an area of your choice. This stretch will dive into deeper stretches and more variations of stretches to relax and relieve tension in any area that troubles you.


40 minutes: $95

60 minutes: $135

Package of 180 minutes: $395

*to be used in increments of 40 or 60 minutes.


Group Stretch Classes

We offer a variety of classes for all ages and levels. A group class is for those who want to enjoy creative stretching exercises in a social environment. We utilize a variety of equipment to improve your stretch during class and we'll send you home with a stretch to practice and share with others


40-minute group stretching: $25/ per class

Monthly unlimited group class membership: $55/monthly


Youth Athlete Group Stretching 

Contact us via email at for pricing and detail on how we can help you and your teams with injury prevention, stretch routines, and speedy recovery.


Dynamic warm-up/ Static stretching consultations with all teams

Team group stretching: 30 minute sessions at Viva 

Turf field

Turf Rental

Rent almost 400sqft of turf for team drills, agility or strength training, and team meetings. Great for rainy days!

Turf field


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